Above Ground Pumps

Pumpmaster offers pumps for garden watering and household pressure systems all the way through to water transfer and domestic irrigation. Whether your customers are looking for a two tap solution or a complete house and garden package, Pumpmaster has the right pump for the job.

Included in our above ground pumps category is a range of “DIY Friendly” pump and automatic pressure controller combinations which come in retail packaging and are suitable for the home handyman.

All of our above ground pumps come with a two year warranty* and after sales parts availability.

Stainless Steel Jet Pumps

CTJX Series

  • Ideal for household pressure
  • Max. Flow 97lpm
  • Max. Head 46m

JSL Series

  • Type Tested
  • Self-priming
  • Automatic Pressure Controller

Cast Iron Turbine Pumps

TT45 Series

  • Max. Flow 37lpm
  • Max. Head 30m
  • Automatic Pressure Controller

JP Series

  • Max. Flow 60lpm
  • Max. Head 45m
  • Automatic pressure controller

CTJ Series

  • Max. Flow 70lpm
  • Max. Head 53m
  • Bare or with PC

Stainless Steel Multi-Stage Pumps

CSS Series

  • Quiet, reliable and efficient
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Large range of applications

Cast Iron Centrifugal Pumps

CTM & SCM Series

  • Max. Flow 140lpm
  • Max. Head 47.5m
  • Bare, PC or Pressure Vessel

SDK & CTC Series

  • Max. Flow 320lpm
  • Max. Head 20m
  • Available as bare pumps only

SPM SE & SPL Series

  • Max. Flow 500lpm
  • Max. Head 36m
  • 1 or 3 Phase

Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps

SSM Series

  • Max. Flow 145lpm
  • Max. Head 26m
  • Bare, PC or Pressure Vessel

Cast Iron Shallow Well Pumps

CTJ Series

  • Max. Flow 120lpm
  • Max. Head 65m
  • Bare, PC or Pressure Vessel

CTJ2 Series

  • Max. Flow 160lpm
  • Max. Head 56m
  • Bare, PC or Pressure Vessel

Cast Iron Deep Well Jet Pumps

CTA Series

  • Suction from depths to 40m
  • Choice of injectors
  • Cast Iron construction