MotorMate Series


4″ Submersible Bore Motors

The ‘MotorMate’ are robust, high quality 4” non-toxic oil-filled motors with wide operating parameters.

Available in 240V or 415V and 2 wire or 3 wire configurations, these motors have 4” Nema standard coupling dimensions which make it easy to assemble to all 4” borehole pumps regardless of manufacture or brand.


  • Immersion depth: 200m.
  • Removable motor leads.
  • High start torque – 240V.
  • High-grade Stainless Steel construction.
  • Axial thrust from 2000N to 5000N.
  • Up to 40 starts per hour.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Cable materials CE approved (potable water applications).

All single phase motors have thermal trip protection in the control box, except 2 wire which have on-winding thermal protection.

Three phase motors require a motor starter with voltage surge protection and quick-trip circuit breaker.

Refer to 4 Inch Submersible Bore Motors Flyer for full range and specifications.


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