KIT-MPC Series


KIT-MPC Series Mascontrollers

The Pumpmaster KIT-MPC Series are a Mas type controller with high flow and dual voltage. These Mascontrollers are suitable for the CTM, CTJ, CTJ2 and SPM Series above ground pumps.

The KIT-MPC Series comes with a brass barrel union and thread tape.


  • Pre-wired Plug and Play Leads.
  • Cut-In pressure: 1.5 Bar (KIT-MPC1) or 2.2 Bar (KIT-MPC3).

Technical Specifications

  • Single phase power-supply voltage: 115V or 230V.
  • Voltage variation tolerance: +/-10%.
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz.
  • Full load amp rating: 115V(230 V) 16 FLA (20 FLA).
  • Insulation class II.
  • Electronic box NEMA 12 enclosure.
  • Conduit connections: 1/2“ threaded.
  • Max working pressure: 145 Psi.
  • Max working temperature: 149 °F (65°C).
  • Male connectors: 1 NPT.


  • Pressure boosting.
  • Bypass systems.


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