Stock Water

Stock Water Solutions

Scalable product solutions for the agricultural sector.

From small scale hobby farms through to large commercial applications, we can supply multiple solutions for water supply through to delivery.

Whether you are drawing from a river, dam or underground bore; whether you have four sheep, a flock of 300 or a herd of 400 cattle, you will find the highest quality and best value products within the Pumpmaster and NORMA range.

NORMA Group’s large range of float valves are suitable for tanks and troughs of all sizes – view our new Water Management Solutions Catalogue for the full range of Stock Water Solutions and product specifications, or the individual product brochures

Pumpmaster Products

Subbiemate Series

  • Floating impeller design
  • Flows up to 400lpm
  • Over 60 models

Mototmate Series

  • 4” non-toxic oil-filled motors
  • High start torque
  • High-grade Stainless Steel construction

KIT-P Series

Pressure Switch Kits to suit a large range of above ground pumps