SERH-50F FireMate-F Fire Pump

The “FIREMATE-F” Series are high pressure multipurpose pumps. These HONDA powered, compact and lightweight units have endless application uses. Featuring a 3-way discharge flange, these pumps are mounted inside a lightweight and rugged roll frame with anti-vibration mounts.


  • High efficiency
  • 8M suction lift
  • Guaranteed performance
  • 2” Suction. 2” + 1” + 1” Delivery
  • Premium JAPANESE Quality
  • Can run at full RPM for extended periods
  • Fittings, strainer and roll cage included


  • Fighting Bush Fires
  • High Flow Water Transfer up high heads
  • Sprinkler Systems Huge Pressure
  • Lifting from a below ground tank (8M)


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