KTH-100X TrashMate Trash Pumps

The “TRASHMATE” Series are rugged lightweight dirty water transfer pumps, ideal for construction and civil engineering applications. The KTH100X handles serious water volumes with ease and solids up to 27mm. These pumps are complete with quick action release front casings for 100% accessibility to clear blockages, silicon carbide seals and high chrome impellers along with spheroidal graphite iron castings. The high-quality HONDA engine ensures a long operational life span and Koshin’s guaranteed specifications give peace of mind performance.


  • Excellent Seal Durability
    Conventional mechanical seal using carbon ceramic is replaced by silicon carbide (SiC) seal. SiC seal is developed by Koshin and we are the first manufacturer to use such durable material in Japan.
  • Thoughtful Design
    Special plug designed on impeller allows easy removal.
    Simply insert any rod and twist to separate impeller from its casing.
    No special tool required.
  • Light Weight & Compact Design
    Conventional trash pumps are very bulky and heavy, some more than 100 kg in weight. KTR-100X, the largest of all, weights only 81 kg.
    The compact design takes up smaller space and is portable.
  • High Self-priming Performance
    Special structure is designed to ensure high capacity self-priming performance. Koshin trash pumps give excellent performance and durability.


  • Water transfer
  • Site pumping
  • Irrigation
  • Sprinklers
  • Agriculture
  • Mine site de-watering


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