Watergate Pro RS3 Series

The Watergate Pro (WGP) RS3 Series is an automatic tank to mains change over device system which allows valuable tank water to be utilised for water supply in preference to mains water. The WGP will automatically switch to mains water supply when the tank is empty and in the case of power failure. This type of system does not require an in-tank float switch which makes installation quick and easy. The WGP Series has a mains pressure of 190kpa, for whole house applications please consult your Area Sales Manager.

The Watergate Pro RS3 Series is sold on its own, in combination with a pump and pressure controller or in combination with a pump, pressure controller and pump cover.


  • Watermark Approved.
  • Brass construction.
  • 20mm Dual Check valve for required backflow prevention.
  • 20mm Pressure Limiting valve factory set to 190Kpa.
  • No in-tank float switch required.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Automatically switches to mains in case of power failure.
  • No electrician required, just plug it in.
  • 2 year warranty.


  • Domestic toilets.
  • Domestic laundry.
  • Outdoor garden tap.


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