JP Series


JP Series Self-priming Jet Pumps

The JP Series are tough and reliable horizontal cast iron self-priming jet pumps. Suitable for the average-size home, they are capable of lifting water from underground tanks, shallow wells or direct from above ground rainwater tanks, making them the perfect household pressure pumps – reliable and efficient.

The JP Series are available as bare pumps or retail-packaged with an automatic pressure controller for easy installation.


  • Self-priming.
  • Quick connect plug & play connection for pressure controller.
  • Efficient power consumption.
  • Electrophoretic coated to protect against corrosion.
  • Automatic pressure controller (stop & start on demand) with Run Dry Protection.


  • Pressure boosting.
  • Water transfer.
  • Pumping from underground tanks.
  • Household water supply and irrigation.
  • Rainwater tank pump set.


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